Dreams of a Witches Altar reveals blood dueling sibling rivalry over a century past, demands sacrificial murders are perverting current Rhode Island natives.


Bloody Ritualistic Sacrifices TORTURE New York Times reporter Jeff David Kennsington. Piercing his Nightmares GLARES, a mysterious Lone Tower bears the letters "DRUID'S DREAM". Next morning- dead tired- Jeff meets with his editor, Beth. Beth, alarmed at Jeff's condition, sends him to Rhode Island for a working vacation. Tempers flare; an exhausted Jeff gives in and realizes time away is good. En route to Rhode Island via Amtrak, he meets two students: Eric Obanion from Brown University and Jenny Thomas, from the University of Rhode Island.

Talking to Elders of Narragansett, Rhode Island, Jeff Stumbles onto a DARKER STORY. GIRLS have DISAPPEARED. Local Elder, Fred Candon, Weaves a tale of Demonic Cult based on Ideas of Joseph Peace Hazard. Candon fails to mention; Hazard is responsible for building Narragansett into a significant tourist attraction. An exhausted Jeff calls Beth. She reluctantly gives him free rein to pursue this dangerous investigation. Jeff's Nightmares traveled across state lines. A stream of constant Nightmares has Strange Effects on Jeff.

Jeff enlists Eric to uncover the meaning of a Lone Tower on Beach. They discover Hazard built the tower. Hazard's final resting place is an ominous and thick forest he named Druid's Dream. Jeff’s investigation goes noticed by the cult's sadistic leader. Jeff wearily attends a séance led by Eric's mom, Madame McGlasson. The Séance Unlocks Doors while Creating Questions.

To Stop the Bloody Killings and Nightmares, Jeff must EXHUME HAZARD’S BODY, and bring Hazard HOME to DRUID'S DREAM. The cult leader hears of Madame McGlasson's Involvement and has her Executed. JENNY falls in love with Jeff, GOES MISSING, Jeff fears the worst.

Jenny wakes up Strapped to Stone Altar, surrounded by Cloaked Men and Bird Baths. Jenny Living Out JEFF'S NIGHTMARE Screams! Jeff and Eric arrive at the battle of the cult. Fighting, but still No Match for Cult's Supernatural Powers. Hazard draws strength from Mother Earth. HAZARD'S RETURN is Anger Fueled by Decades of Manipulatory Destruction of his Philosophies. Jeff as Hazard's vessel, OBLITERATES, and Vanquishes the Cult into the Earth. A resistant Cult Member DRIVES the SACRIFICIAL DAGGER through Jenny's chest. With the cult vanquished, Hazard's Destiny becomes Fulfilled. Hazard rises to his Final Resting Place. Jeff kneels, CRADLES Jenny and CRIES as her LIFE EBBS away.

© 2020 Craig Slivka


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