Two brothers; one CREATES a world where trees magically grow overnight and leads 1800s Rhode Island's tourism and commerce trades. The other seeks DESTRUCTION of his brother's work. Their quest for POWER and CONTROL stretches across time to 1995 and the nightmares of a Jr. reporter. His journey uncovers this rivalry which Corrupts Narragansett Townspeople to commit sacrificial cult murders.


Bloody Ritualistic Sacrifices TORTURE New York Times Jr.reporter Jeff David Kennsington. Piercing his Nightmares, GLARES a mysterious Lone Tower bears the letters "DRUID'S DREAM." Jeff's editor, alarmed at his condition, suggests a straightforward story working vacation. Tempers flare; an exhausted Jeff gives in.

In Rhode Island and talking to Narragansett's Elders, Jeff Stumbles onto a DARKER STORY. GIRLS have DISAPPEARED. Local Elder, Fred Candon, Weaves a Demonic Cult tale based on Ideals of Joseph Peace Hazard. Candon fails to mention; Hazard is responsible for building Narragansett into a significant tourist attraction. Jeff's Nightmares traveled across state lines. A steady stream of Nightmares has taken an exhausting toll on Jeff.

Jeff enlists Eric Sanchez, a college student he met on the train ride to RI, to uncover the meaning of a Lone Tower on Beach. They discover Hazard built the tower as a final resting place in an ominous and thick forest called Druid's Dream. Jeff's investigation goes noticed by the cult's sadistic leader. Jeff wearily attends a séance that Séance Unlocks Doors while Creating Questions.

To Stop the Bloody Killings and Nightmares, Jeff must EXHUME HAZARD'S BODY and bring Hazard HOME to DRUID'S DREAM. JENNY falls in love with Jeff, GOES MISSING, Jeff fears the worst.

Jenny wakes up Strapped to Stone Alter, surrounded by Cloaked Men and Bird Baths. Jenny Living Out JEFF'S NIGHTMARE Screams! Jeff and Eric battle the cult. HAZARD RETURNS using Jeff's body as a vessel with Anger Fueled by Decades of Manipulatory Destruction of his Philosophies, OBLITERATES and Vanquishes the Cult into the Earth. A resistant Cult Member DRIVES the SACRIFICIAL DAGGER through Jenny's chest. Jeff kneels, CRADLES Jenny, and CRIES as her LIFE EBBS away.

© 2020 Craig Slivka